Monday, May 25, 2009


Originally uploaded by BYarborough
Lesson 3 from Watercolor Fast and Loose. I honestly didn't realize that the ref photo from the last 2 door paintings was SO similar to this lesson. I had glanced briefly through the lesson and set it aside, the image must have been in my subconscious! I have to say that I am most definitely getting faster from taking this course. Sometimes I do feel like I'm getting looser, other times I seem to want to nit and tweak here and there. This is done in my 6 x 9 Lama Li pad and I used WN paints. The techniques for this lesson were wax resist, digging in, scraping, spatter and rigger. None were new to me, but I sure don't use several on a regular basis so it was fun to apply them here.


Ann said...

This is really nice. The texture of the paper adds interest too. I've never tried a wax resist but it looks like an interesting technique.

Krista Meister said...

What a great concept for a WC class - fast and loose. Do you find it's helped you to paint looser and not nitpick? I have a special fondness for doors, too!