Sunday, December 31, 2006

2007 Art Goals. I've been pondering. . . and ruminating. . . and just plain thinking for WEEKS about what I'd like to set up for personal art goals for 2007. In March of 2006 I met an online art friend, Lin Frye, who had made a committment to sketch every day of the year. Through thick and thin and all her busyness, she accomplished the task beautifully! Well, it is from her wonderful example that I decided to set goals for 2007. Here they are: 1 - Sketch and/or Paint Every Day 2 - Do All the EDM challenges (this means starting with #1) I'm going to dedicate one journal just for EDM challenges. 3 - Work through the art books in my personal library - "work" them, not just read them. 4 - Start a nature journal. 5 - Use Calligraphy in journals. (I need to restore my old skills!) 6 - Attend at least one Workshop - probably the one in Burbank in October. This list has challenge (every day) but it also has some flexibility. For example, #2 through #5 can really apply to #1. I'm not going to necessarily complete one work each day, but I'm going to WORK on art every day.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Gazebo in the Children's Garden at Huntington Library and Gardens

This was primarily done in watercolor. Derwent Graphitint Pencils were used on the gazebo and the bench. I went to the Huntington last Thursday and had never gone through the Children's Garden -- what a tremendous job they did constructing this area! To get to the garden, you walk through a conservatory. The garden was just delightful!! There were a couple of these gazebos, constructed from iron. The red hearts near the top look like red glass, and they add such a beautiful touch.