Friday, May 16, 2008

Descanso Garden Wagon
Done on Strathmore watercolor paper (11 x 15) using DS paints. I painted this several weeks ago and posted it on my flickr and COMPLETELY forgot to post it on my blog! The wagon really IS blue and I used DS Sleeping Beauty Turquoise to capture it. It was too large for my scanner, so I took a digital image which turned out a bit fuzzy, definitely the photographer and not the camera! I've not been painting much for a variety of reasons. I took Jessica Wesolek's "Love This Journal" class at the end of March. It is a lesson-a-day for 21 days course designed to get a person in the journaling habit. It is a wonderful class with lots of very creative ideas for the students to either duplicate or expand upon. I liked it so much, I enrolled in the second class which started on May 5 and runs for 6 weeks with 3 lessons per week. If you want to check out Jessica's classes, they are here and click on "online workshops."
I've also become slightly addicted to doing art on prepaid cards or envelopes. David Mills, who lives in the UK, started a flickr group for this art and you can check it out here
I went to Las Vegas for a week to visit my daughter and her family at the beginning of May -- lovely visit and plenty of time with my baby granddaughter, who is already 6 months old! She's just beautiful, and so much personality!! My trips to Las Vegas are basically every 6 weeks or so -- it's a short 4 hr drive with three nicely spaced Starbucks pit stops along the way - LOL!