Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I reviewed my Art Goal list for 2008 and find that I'm pretty much repeating it for 2009. I've added some specificity to it with the hopes that I'll achieve more this year!

Here's my art list for 2009:
1 - Plein Air work - at least once per month
2 - Do art daily - can be sketch in a journal or painting
3 - Work and study art books and DVDs
4 - Take workshops and/or classes - either online or "live"
5 - Finish my food blog so I can have the cookbook printed at the end of the year - must do at least one post per week.

One idea I got from Ann in the EDM online group was to mark off the art goals on a calendar. She prints her calendar from this site. I decided to use this printed calendar, which prints onto one page, and will color code my art goals onto each day using the following key:
Yellow = Plein Air work
Red = Journal work
Blue = Painting
Green = Food blog

I can also list the books/DVDs/classes/workshops on the back of the calendar or footnote them on the front.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Corsage

Christmas Corsage
Originally uploaded by BYarborough
I'm one of the wedding coordinators for our church and we've had three weddings this December. This is my interpretation of a corsage from one of those weddings. Decorations of pine boughs, pine cones and green and mocha colored ribbons were stunning. I brushed some gesso onto a sheet in my Lama Li sketchbook in a zigzag pattern before sketching and painting. The gessoed areas took the paint much differently than the bare paper. A fun technique I learned from KreativeKay at WetCanvas