Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rubber Rabbitbrush on Yupo

I had an idea to do watercolor on Yupo in a collage style. After talking about this with Kevin Davidson, he suggested using masking tape. It was a terrific technique and one I'll do again. I'm not REAL happy with this because it's not like I had envisioned. But I WILL try again!!
I painted the bg green/yellow and let it dry completely, I masked off the the first square, wiped it clean with a sponge and then painted the bushes and sand. After that was dry, I masked and cleaned off the square for the close-up of the blossom. One major thing I should've done is to paint each of the two squares bg colors on BEFORE I removed the tape (it was a bit hard to keep the lines straight). I didn't want to leave the tape on too long because I was concerned it would remove some paint that I didn't want removed. I think a few more minutes would've been fine.
I'm very allergic to these bushes and they bloom in Sept - Oct where I live! They make the desert colorful, but NAIL my sinuses and my voice! They sometimes give me laryngitis!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Desert Sunset

Desert Sunset
Originally uploaded by BYarborough
This was done in a workshop taught by Claudette Garcia at the Pasadena Art Expo. This is the landscape as it was done in the workshop and I still need to add a bit of orange to the white light coming through the tree trunks and also add some very small bare branchlets to the tree. A terrific workshop!! This is 16 x 20 stretched canvas using Holbein Duos (Watersoluble Oils).

Friday, October 02, 2009

Fall Creek - WMO on Yupo

Another Fall painting using the water miscible oils on Yupo. I tried doing the "water" on this with the George James' Yupo watercolor technique of smoothing with a sponge roller. It took several tries and I'm still not 100% happy with it. Watering down the oils works very similar to watercolor, so I'm eager to try some other watercolor techniques with it, I just don't want to get too overboard or I might as well work with watercolors on the Yupo! A fun painting and probably the last I'll have time to work on for a couple of weeks.