Saturday, June 13, 2009

Brick Cottage

Brick Cottage
Originally uploaded by BYarborough
I'm still toying with the brick house with ivy. This is done on Lama Li using WN paints. I used a gray crayon again for the random brick mortar and the leaded window. I REALLY like the effect it gives. As I was working on this it occurred to me that I'm working faster, but not really any looser. I need to re-read the lessonsand then re-do some of the exercises in the current course I'm taking, Watercolor-Fast and Loose!


Dorothy said...

Hi Brenda,
I saw yourname on Kelly's blog and hopped over here to 'see' you. The name 'Brenda Yarborough' stood out because my maiden name is Yarborough and I have a cousin named Brenda Yarborough.
I like your watercolors! I used to dabbble in those some. Took a few lessons but never really got the hang of it. Since I'm retired maybe I'll take up painting again.
Have a good day and visit my blog when you have time.

Pat said...

Hi Brenda just stopped by to see your beautiful paintings. Love the doors, so inviting. I want to go in for tea.