Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This painting was coming along quite well until I added the shadow! The shadow is from buildings that are across the street from this one. Just goes to show that I really MUST evaluate a photo reference more thoroughly before painting!! The photo I printed from the google map is shown on the far right. Virtual Paintout Blog sets up monthly challenges where a city is listed, along with the google map (street view), and participants can choose any scene from that city. You can print the scene right there on google maps. The address for this one is 4 via dei Banchi in Firenze, Tuscany, Italy. Check out the blog here
The Virtual Paintout

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Brick Cottage

Brick Cottage
Originally uploaded by BYarborough
I'm still toying with the brick house with ivy. This is done on Lama Li using WN paints. I used a gray crayon again for the random brick mortar and the leaded window. I REALLY like the effect it gives. As I was working on this it occurred to me that I'm working faster, but not really any looser. I need to re-read the lessonsand then re-do some of the exercises in the current course I'm taking, Watercolor-Fast and Loose!