Thursday, February 19, 2009


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On WetCanvas there was a class showing how to paint tulips with just one stroke. I did the painting for the class but wasn't happy with my color choices. I wanted to try the "one stroke" technique again. This was interesting because the flower on the left didn't turn out very well and I went back over it with a couple of layers of glaze. . . I can really see the difference between it and the other two! I used DS paints, Quin Red and Quin Coral for the petals -- love these colors together.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


The photo ref for this is from Different Strokes from Different Folks This is the very first watercolor pour I've ever done and there's PLENTY I'll do differently the next time around! I don't usually do architectural drawings or paintings and so the drawing was a stretch for me. After drawing with pencil I then went over my lines with a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen and then did the pours. After the pours were dry, I touched up places here and there. I would like to try to do this again. Since the drawing was much more detailed than I'm used to, I copied it so I can transfer onto another sheet of watercolor paper.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

This is the second negative painting I did for a WetCanvas class. I just HAD to give it a try on Yupo :) This is a very fun project. . . you just drip some big drops of color onto the paper and then do a yellow wash around the drips, let dry and then put a couple of more layers on using a green mix. You are supposed to do some negative painting of leaves on the last layer but I couldn't get it to work with the Yupo. So I decided to let Yupo DO what Yupo DOES best. . . I spritzed some water onto the dry painting and just let those "Yupo runs" do what they wanted. I have a pad of Translucent Yupo that I don't care for and used a sheet of it for this experiment. Glad I did, because it worked out pretty well and now I have a fun technique to use that pad up!

Thursday, February 05, 2009


Kathleen York took a marvelous photo that I really wanted to paint. Thanks, Kathleen!! You can see the photo here was done on Lama Li paper using AJ paints. A limited palette was used. . . yellow ochre, indigo, burnt umber and a teeny smidgeon of poppy (which is a dark cad red)