Saturday, May 02, 2009


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I've been away from art much too long! I decided to do the Every Day in May challenge. What better way to get back into art than journal work! This is the first sketch/wash I've ever done of a young child. I'm not even good at drawing adults, and children are even more of a challenge. My goal for this month-long challenge to to improve my drawing skills and to loosen up my watercolor washes. This was drawn with a ball point ink pen and the wash is WN travel palette and Niji waterbrush.
I'm really hoping I can keep up with this challenge all month! I had decided that I need to get back to basics with my art and then the Every Day in May challenge came up. What a terrific incentive.

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Debbie said...

Hi Brenda
Couldn't sleep and thought I would look at some blogs I haven't visited for awhile. Glad to see your back. Don't you love the Niji waterbrush!