Wednesday, May 20, 2009


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Ever since the end of March I've been tuning in throughout the day to see the live eagle cam in Norfolk, WV -- this has just been such an awesome live video cast!! This morning, the biologists removed the female from the nest to fit her with a satellite transmitter. The public will be able to track where she goes once she leaves the nest, in about 2 weeks. It was fascinating to see how they got her out of the nest and back into it--and such CARE was taken during the whole procedure. She was so cooperative, she even fell asleep during the ordeal and they had to wake her to get her picture taken by the media. The other two eaglets were calm throughout and the mom and dad eagles circled high in the air, but didn't appear to be alarmed. The live eagle cam is here
and the wildlife tracking site for her is here
Her name is Azalea and I look forward to seeing where she goes! I did this sketch QUICKLY while viewing the video and colored it in with Derwent Watersoluble Tinted Charcoal. It is in my Raffine Art Sketchbook.