Sunday, July 20, 2008

Waterwheel on Yupo

Waterwheel on Yupo
Originally uploaded by BYarborough
DS paints. Photo ref from WetCanvas. I continue to experiment with painting on Yupo. I tried one of George James techniques on this one, I'm still trying to figure out how I want to meld some of Taylor Ikin's and George James' techniques into my own style. The technique from James that I used is spraying with a mist of water, laying a tissue over the area and then rolling over the tissue with a small sponge house painting roller. This removes the pigment and creates a white splatter effect. It's all just part of the journey!


Barbara said...

I haven't tried to Yupo paper yet -- but I HAVE awarded you a prize! You can pick it up on my blog. Hope you want to participate!

Teri C said...

You are the Yupo queen!! I just HAVE to get some and try it.

Sandy Maudlin said...

You're doing some great work on a tricky surface. Keep it up.

I also spritz the dry paint lightly with small droplets, then let it sit a bit before I squeegee off the droplets. Both ways work - rolling the tissue or using the squeegee, but give slightly different effects.