Monday, July 07, 2008

Canadian Lake on Yupo

Canadian Lake on Yupo
Originally uploaded by BYarborough
I used several new DS paints on this. Their newest triad, Sand and Surf, provided the Indianthrone Blue that is the distant mountains, the Ultramarine Turquoise which is used on the lake and Goethite, which is the brown areas in the foreground. I also had bought Shadow Violet, which I used with the Indianthrone on the mountains and for the tree shadows. The lake also has a bit of manganese blue hue and ultramarine. The foreground has buff titanium (the lighter areas). The photo ref for this is from WetCanvas and is, in fact, a July challenge.
I really had a difficult time with the sky on this! I wiped it completely off and tried again. I'm still not thrilled with it. . . I think I REALLY need lessons on clouds!! And then I found myself getting too fussy with the trees and made myself STOP.

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