Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rubber Rabbitbrush on Yupo

I had an idea to do watercolor on Yupo in a collage style. After talking about this with Kevin Davidson, he suggested using masking tape. It was a terrific technique and one I'll do again. I'm not REAL happy with this because it's not like I had envisioned. But I WILL try again!!
I painted the bg green/yellow and let it dry completely, I masked off the the first square, wiped it clean with a sponge and then painted the bushes and sand. After that was dry, I masked and cleaned off the square for the close-up of the blossom. One major thing I should've done is to paint each of the two squares bg colors on BEFORE I removed the tape (it was a bit hard to keep the lines straight). I didn't want to leave the tape on too long because I was concerned it would remove some paint that I didn't want removed. I think a few more minutes would've been fine.
I'm very allergic to these bushes and they bloom in Sept - Oct where I live! They make the desert colorful, but NAIL my sinuses and my voice! They sometimes give me laryngitis!

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