Thursday, August 28, 2008

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This was fun! I popped in on some blogs I haven't visited in a while and read on Felicity's blog about "wordle." You type in the url of your blog and Wordle takes the most used words from the recent posts (I don't know what their actual definition of "recent" is) and then they put the words together. You can't save the finished product, but you can print it, scan it and then post it as I've done here. If you look back on my recent posts, you'll see how they've come up with my custom wordle!
I've been in the midst of an artistic slump. I've been painting, but nothing is working, nothing is postworthy!! I've gone back to the basics. . . thumbnails sketches, preliminary sketch/wash, and still I'm failing. I've tried looking at art blogs, looking through some of my art books, using different mediums and still. . . nada! I absolutely adore Yupo and am so frustrated that I don't seem to be able to paint on it anymore. I did this wordle and somehow it's inspired me to keep on keeping on, I've got to just hope that this slump will not only end, but that I'll grow in my skill through this process.


Deb said...

Cool wordle!
When I have a slump (which seems to be really often), I do something else. Then, when I do come back to my watercolors, I seem to have a better grasp of what I'm doing. Sometimes I think my brain just needed a diversion while it processed the things I've learned. I wish i was a faster learner, but I'm finally accepting that I just need that "slump" period as part of my growth process.
You're truly talented, so it will come back, you'll see.


Teri C said...

I did this too but can't post it because I have no scanner. No surprise that mine says cactus and flowers and no surprise that yours says YUPO!!

Take a break Brenda, take a walk, just get away from it all for a bit, then when you see something you like, paint it. That's what I do and
it will all work out!

Felicity said...

That's so funny, I haven't visited in a while and then I see my name on your post! I had a big slump during the spring months even though I had ideas and really felt like drawing, when it came to sitting down and putting pencil to paper it just wasn't happening. Sometimes you know the reason and sometimes you don't but I guess it's just a necessary part of the process. I read one artist call it a 'fallow' period, like fields need to rest to regain the nutrients - I quite like that description. I hope you get your mojo working very soon! ;)