Saturday, August 02, 2008

Fruit WS Pastels

Fruit WS Pastels
Originally uploaded by BYarborough
Change of pace! This is just a little exercise I did for the Watermedia Forum on WetCanvas. It's in my Raffine Sketchbook and done with Stabilo Carbothello watersoluble pastel pencils. I wanted to see how these pencils would work if I blended and burnished with a tortillon before I applied water. Worked great! The basket is wonky (as it was in the ref photo) and the red apple looks like it's ready to topple out (NOT as in the ref photo) ha ha. A fun change, but I've gotta get back to my Yupo - LOL!!


Kathleen said...

I think you did a great job getting the colors on the fruits - when dried do the carbothello's still smudge or does the water set the color into the paper?

Brenda Y said...

Yes, the water does "set" the pastel. You can still lift a little color off with a wet brush or, when it is COMPLETELY dry, an eraser.

The Victorious place said...

This is nice. I like the highlights that are on the apple especiely.
What does wonky mean?