Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jazz Alley Triad 4 - Winter Scene 2
Another one using a photo ref from the WetCanvas January challenge for winter scenes. This is done on Arches CP block, 7 x 10. I was pretty happy with most of this, I'm not sure about the sun spot shining through the branch of the tree, though. It was a very nice aspect of the photo. . . Maybe I didn't do it correctly. I masked the circle, painted the sky and the tree branch. I let it dry completely and then removed the mask, I used a wet brush to soften the edges. While that area was still damp, I dropped in just a haze of the brown/rust and then let it dry. I followed up with some strokes using the same pigment mix. It just looks "funny" to me, like it doesn't fit.
I AM enjoying using this triad and am getting somewhat accustomed to having no green - ha ha.

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Tami said...

This looks nice and soft, Brenda. As for the sun spot, my only suggestion would be to draw out the edges of it farther, you've done it a bit already, just pull those white points out a little more. I haven't looked at the actual photo on WC but that's what generally happens with with a sun flare on a photograph. Hope that helps...