Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lidzey Exercise 4 - Still Life

The book, "Watercolour Workshop" has exercises, demos and projects. . . I'm referring to all as exercises and assigning numbers just to keep it all uniform on my computer. Having said that, this was really a step-by-step demo. It's done on the Lama li paper - which I'm getting a bit more used to - and several pigments were used. I'm fairly happy with it, as always there's bits that I'd do differently if I do it again. I guess that's what learning is all about anyway. Ever since I worked through the Pike book, I've gotten more comfortable with flat brushes and find myself using them more than my old beloved rounds! It's always nice to step out of our comfort zone and find we like the alternative as much as or even better. I did NOT like the flats the first several times I used them, but I perservered and it's been worth it. I'm also using as large a brush as possible for as long as possible. I do think that has helped me get a bit looser, although I've quite a ways to go to attain the level of looseness I desire.
Well, the wood flooring FINALLY came in and was delivered yesterday. The workers are scheduled to start on Monday -so, yipee!! I'll be in a mess again all next week, but we are in the final stretch and I'm SO READY!!
I took our new (2 week old) grandson to the doctor yesterday as he's got a head cold and we were starting to get concerned. He doesn't have congestion in his lungs (which is what I was fearful of) and my "home" remedy of using saline solution and an aspirator is exactly what the doctor said to do--so we will continue with that care and watch him CLOSELY! I'm afraid I was rather firm with his mom -- ABSOLUTELY NO SICK VISITORS!! I'm picking them up and bringing them to my house today -- maybe it's my "control" nature, but I feel better if I see him for myself and administer some good ol' fashioned granny care.


Lin said...

BRAVA, Bren!! BRAVA!!!! I've left a message on your flickr -- but have to tell you again how grand this is!!!!

And I hope your gs is doing better -- you're being a good nonna ....!!!!! Hope all are feeling better! And good luck with the floors too -- so much going on!

Teri C said...

Brenda, this is really wonderfully done!! You are becoming friends with Lama li so well. I love this painting! It looks so warm and cozy.

Africantapestry said...

Another beauty...I love your colors and wonderful values!
A grandchild couldn't ask for anything better than good ol' fashioned granny care - the best there is! Good the patient as well as the flooring.

demibrix said...

What lovely work! I can't wait for when I can paint more than one object at a time! - Barbara

Just Crazy About Dogs said...

Well're getting brave with applying more richer colors and this painting reflects that. Hope you're grandson is doing better!


Emma Pod said...

Hi Brenda, Thanks for visiting my blog recently. I've been away on vacation and working too much. Sounds like you've been busy too with painting and baby. Hope all is well. I like you new blog look!

Nancy said...

Brenda, thanks for visiting Camp Sparky and leaving your comment on the One Room School House - I have 4 more to draw to date and am going out this week to photograph 3 more. It is becoming a hobby! Friends are beginning to tell me where to find them.

I love your drawings- I hope the grandson is better. We have a new granddaughter from the 19th of June. Life is good!

caseytoussaint said...

Hi Brenda!
Lovely work here, and I'm glad to hear you're taking such good care of your new grandson.