Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Lidzey Excercise 3 - An Exterior Door

The wonderful photo reference was taken by Karol and you can see it here http://www.flickr.com/photos/byrdiegyrl/24267911/in/set-72157594219948621/

Thanks, Karol!!!

This was painted on lama li and while I really LOVE the texture of this handmade, cotton rag paper, I found it was too absorbant to get the tree branch shadows to bleed well. I think I'll give this a go on some good Arches sometime soon! I almost just gave up working this particular painting, but decided today to just "do it" and get it finished I didn't do a tonal study of this before I did the painting and I'm really sorry I didn't. Honestly, I just didn't think about it--I guess it truly is by mistakes that we learn!

I'm so behind on artwork and am finding it quite frustrating. Just too many things going on, life can sure get busy and overloaded. Our house remodeling is at a standstill as we wait for Lowe's to go cut down some trees to fill my wood flooring order - at least it seems as if that's what they are doing. It's SUPPOSED to come in today, at which point I will have to schedule the installation with my contractor. I still need to get up to Northern California to see my mom. My sisters have been helping her tremendously as far as going through Dad's stuff and getting his truck, motor home and boat sold. I feel guilty that I've not been able to help. I'm still not regulated on thyroid meds--hopefully the next dosage change will be the "one" that works. I'm too busy a person to be tied down with fatigue - ha.

Our new grandson, Austin, is such a sweetie and I've been helping with him the past few days. He's not quite 2 weeks old and got a cold. We are watching him closely! You can see my little sweetie on my flickr here http://www.flickr.com/photos/brendas_watercolors/

Hopefully, it won't be WEEKS before I get some art done and posted. The next Lidzey is a still life and I'm looking forward to it.


Dabs said...

Brenda... you still have alot going on gal... do what you can and remember your health comes first! I haven't painted or drawn as much as I have wanted to lately and I'll start feeling guilty about it. Then I remind myself that it is an outlet, a release... not something I should have more stress about!

I like your door BTW and I am curious about the paper you used.

Lin said...


Just Crazy About Dogs said...

Hi Brenda,

Love how your watercolor paintings have progressed...I really liked your Mykonos Church painting. You've really captured the spirit of the the place. I've been to Mykonos and spent a wonderful week exploring several years ago.

I thought if you're interested we could get together. Here is my email miprior@yahoo.com...


Africantapestry said...

This is lovely Brenda...it reminds me of the warmth and beauty of Toscane!
It sounds as though your plate is fairly full! Take it easy, be relaxed, do what you can do, and enjoy it, that is all life asks of us.