Monday, February 19, 2007

Watercolor Pencil Rose

I just got a set of the Albrecht Durer watercolor pencils and a Richeson atomizer, so this is the first thing I've done using them both. The AD pencils are fabulously creamy, even on this Cotman paper - I'm rather anxious to try them out on bristol! The atomizer took a bit a manipulating, but I finally realized the tubes slide and they must be in just the right position for it to work. At first I tried to use the atomizer in one of my palette wells, THAT was awkward and messy!! After a bit of thought, I came up with a wonderfully simple solution. I used one of those little plastic water vials that cut flowers come in sometimes. I put the pigment in the vial, put the atomizer pipe in the vial and held it together with one hand while holding up the watercolor pad with my other hand. It gave me much better control and not nearly the mess. Another thing I tried on this, I painted the flower first, then I traced the flower onto a piece of tracing paper, cut out the paper and used small bits of double-sided scotch tape to fasten the tracing paper onto the watercolor paper. Then I sprayed with the atomizer and removed the tracing paper -- I guess this could be considered reverse stenciling. If anyone is interested in checking out an atomizer, here it is:


Carol Holt said...

Excellent... I love the softness you achieve with the atomizer... and the colors of the rose... perfect. Inspiring!

aPugsLife said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! So dreamy.

Nancy said...

Excellent, Brenda! And thanks for the vial idea - clearly, some kind of deep, narrow container is required.