Monday, September 04, 2006

Blue Banana Bowl. I'm not sure of the manufacturer, either an L E Smith or a L G Wright in the Moon and Stars Pattern. Oh, I don't like working with BLUE! IRL, this bowl is more turquoise. I used Cerulean Blue and UM Blue -- couldn't quite get the right coloring. I was working under artificial light and while painting the bowl, the sun starting coming in through a nearby window. Wow! what a reflection starting happening. I didn't want to lose that moment, so quickly masked some shooting stars into the shadow area. This is done on the Bristol paper and is a combination of some wet-in-wet and some dry brush.


Donn said...

Beautifully done! A real high key painting. Also like the other vase you did. Great colors.

Lin said...

BEAUTIFUL, Brenda!! What a treasure!! I love those glass bowls --!!