Saturday, February 07, 2009

This is the second negative painting I did for a WetCanvas class. I just HAD to give it a try on Yupo :) This is a very fun project. . . you just drip some big drops of color onto the paper and then do a yellow wash around the drips, let dry and then put a couple of more layers on using a green mix. You are supposed to do some negative painting of leaves on the last layer but I couldn't get it to work with the Yupo. So I decided to let Yupo DO what Yupo DOES best. . . I spritzed some water onto the dry painting and just let those "Yupo runs" do what they wanted. I have a pad of Translucent Yupo that I don't care for and used a sheet of it for this experiment. Glad I did, because it worked out pretty well and now I have a fun technique to use that pad up!

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Teri C said...

You always make Yupo sound like such fun! This is a wonderful painting.