Friday, November 17, 2006


This was drawn upside down - no, I wasn't upside down, the photo reference and my sketch pad were upside down. The object of this lesson 2 exercise is to train one to draw what is seen - not what the brain tells us something should look like. An excellent exercise to stimulate the eye/hand and bypass the brain. I found the photo reference on WetCanvas--such an excellent source for photos!!


Felicity said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Great to find yours too!

jill said...

i found the upside down work to detract my mind from the subject so that i could focus on the shadows and lights better. i used it in my first "major" attempt on drawing something seriously -- . that way, i was no longer looking at the person in the picture, but at the play of light and dark. amazing how a little trick like that can help you find your mark!

also, felicity is one of my faves to look at and has been a great inspiration to me as i've put more effort into drawing this last year.

your blog is impressive -- keep up the good work!