Thursday, June 02, 2011

High Desert One

A couple of days ago I took my watercolor gear up onto the hills above our house and did a plein air landscape. I used that watercolor as a reference to paint this WMO. I've never painted plein air and decided to give it a try. I plan on doing more studies like this because I had a blast painting en plein air AND I'm hoping it will be a method to help me learn impressionistic style with my WMOs. This painting is a 9x12 on canvas paper. I use mostly Cobra paints, and have a few Holbeins in my box. The only Holbein used on this was raw umber. I'm having problems getting the yellow ochre to not look so orange on my photos! There is NO orange in this painting.

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BigBlue said...

Very good painting. I have never done plein air but hoping to attend a session next week. I am strugling on which color to use to paint trees, foliage and grasses.