Saturday, October 16, 2010

Autumn Road

Autumn Road
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I got a new art book by one of my favorite watercolorists, Rose Edin. The book title is "Color Harmonies." I've always admired her style but been quite unsuccessful in executing it! I decided to try one more time. The underpainting is poured using the primaries. This one was poured keeping the white of the paper for the center, followed by a band of yellow, then red, and the outer "ring" in blue. After the underpainting is dry, the sketch and painting is done. I used masking on the birch trees, prior to the pouring step. All paints are DS and the paper is Arches, cold pressed (5 x 7)


Carol said...

Your painting is really pretty. What is poured? I have never heard of a poured underpainting.

Brenda Yarborough said...

Hi Carol!
You literally pour the paint onto a sheet of watercolor paper. First step is to decide which colors you want to pour (typically it's the three primaries, but can be secondaries or tertiaries too). You then decide if you want it circular (like a target) or "s" curves or a cross (to name a few). Then you dilute your colors into some pans. Thoroughly wet the paper and then take one color at a time and either pour it (or use a large brush (a mop works well) to put the color down. Pick up the paper and turn it so the color bleeds where you want it to and you can encourage more running by spritzing with a water sprayer. On this one, I left white in the center (planning on that being where the road turned and ended), then poured the yellow, then the red, and finally the blue -- using a "target" type pattern. Make sure your paper is thoroughly dry before proceeding with your painting. Obviously be careful with which colors you pour next to each other ie. if I'd poured the red in the center and then the yellow and blue, I would've ended up with some green where I might not have wanted it!