Monday, May 31, 2010

Imaginary Visit to the Beach - 2

The second assignment for my class was to draw/paint pelicans on craggy rock shoreline. One of the purposes of this class is to learn how to get objects down fast using a limited amount of supplies. It's "imaginary trips" and so we pack as if we really were going on a trip. . .there's no grabbing of supplies from our home studio! We use a limited palette (that is quite sufficient!) and waterbrushes, so no popping into a home studio to get that favorite brush or that different shade of color. It's such a fun class, but also these limits pose challenges!

The water on this scene was very hard to do without my nice large brushes and without masking fluid to mask out those pelicans! LOL!!

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Krista Meister said...

Great job on the pelicans, Brenda, and I think the detail in the rocks came through nicely.