Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pumpkin LineUp On Yupo

Pumpkin LineUp On Yupo
Originally uploaded by BYarborough
9 x 12 Translucent Yupo using AJ paints. I've used the translucent Yupo just once before and didn't care for it. I thought I'd give it another try. . . I still don't care for it, LOL! This is a bit more like Kevin Davidson's style. I still want to work some more pieces using his style before I start incorporating other styles into it to make it my "own." I taped the Yupo sheet to a foamboard and placed it on an easel. I then laid down a wash with yellow and green and let it dry completely. I worked the rest of the painting on top of the underlayer. Kevin wipes off the areas for his subjects, but with the light value of wash, I just painted the entire painting on top of the underlayer and it seemed to work fine.


Teri C said...

Very interesting Brenda. I'll be watching for further art on this. Am I right in saying it is like a piece of plastic? Being translucent and all.

Brenda Yarborough said...

Yes, Yupo is plastic (100% Polypropylene to be exact) -- it's like painting on glass, LOL! The translucent Yupo is sheer but not clear, kind of like frosted glass but a smooth surface. All Yupo is super SMOOTH, absolutely no tooth, which makes it challenging but oh so fun!