Wednesday, June 25, 2008

CA Wildflowers on Yupo

CA Wildflowers on Yupo
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I wanted to see if I could do something besides a dark forest scene! The ref photo for this was one taken near the little town of Gorman. During "good" wildflower years, the mountains there look like someone flew over in an airplane and poured gallons and gallons of colored paint all over the mountains and valleys -- it's just beautiful! Someone asked how long it takes for my layers to dry on Yupo and I'm afraid I can't answer that. The first layer is the wettest because I've sprayed the Yupo pretty heavily with water and then add pigments. The successive layers are heavy pigment and then a fine spray of water (from an empty hair spray bottle) and I work under a light so I make sure I'm not spraying too much water. Sometimes I don't spray enough and after that first spray has dried, I'll spritz it again. I live in a very dry climate so my Yupo paintings probably dry faster than the norm. I do a layer and then go do housework, laundry, run errands (really whatever it is I need to do). It usually takes me about 6 hrs to complete one painting -- but the ACTUAL painting time is only about 1 hr.

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Margaret Ann said...

I have been enjoying this yupo series of your tremendously...and have promised myself to give it a try before the end of summer...well shall seeLOL :) These are soooo COOL! :)