Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Gate 7

Off Kilter Gate. Lama li paper and DS paints. I used DS Kyanite Genuine over a mix of sepia, UM, and Quin Red to get the blackish asphalt and deep shadows inside the fence. There were several challenges with this painting. I masked the gate and the top of the fence and discovered that masking does NOT work well with Lama li - the paper pulled off with the mask. What a mess that was!! Rather than trashing the piece, I decided to just fix it as best I could. I have a limited palette of DS so many mixes were made! I don't mind mixing, actually I enjoy it, but I found that I'm lacking in some basic pigments that would've made mixing much more effective, if not easier. Hmmm, I wonder if DS has "after Christmas sales." I like DS paints, but find that I still favor WN so not sure if I should invest in more DS or not. And truly, there is no reason why I shouldn't mix the two!! LOL!

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Tami said...

Yep, this gate is difinitely off kilter! Interesting stuff you learn, playing around with your toys. I use a mix of paints primarily DS and some WN. Haven't found a problem mixing them. What I have found is paints colors vary slightly sometimes by different manufactures. This gate looks like it would be difficult, especially where it crosses the wall. Good Job!