Thursday, October 04, 2007

Huntington Gardens - Agapanthus Path

This is my second attempt at this scene. The first was posted in July. I wanted to try it again and think I've gotten a better sense of depth. I also wanted to see it in a higher key. It was painted on Arches CP block using DS paints. I think the canopy of greenery is wisteria and I would like to paint this same view when it is in bloom---the agapanthus will not be in bloom, but the hanging wisteria should be just beautiful!


Africantapestry said...

Nice work Brenda...I love the overflowing dark of the purple agapanthus, showing them off, especially on the turn of the path where they are the focus point, and the light airy canopy, sort of just framing the scene.

Emma Pod said...

Hi Brenda! Hope you are doing well. I just got back to my blog after a long summer. Looks like you've had some time off too. Love your cedar wood journal and recent drawings!

bec said...

Brenda, I just love the colors in this,....and the curving pathway lined in agapanthus.

I just found a tutorial on "finishing off plein air paintings" that you might find interesting.... the site is called "Newberry Workshop" and I just got my once a month email of tutorials from Michael Newberry. It's very good.

Just Crazy About Dogs said...

Love your gate series...colors are muted and soft. Series would make a good gift card set.