Saturday, January 27, 2007

Watercolor Pencils

I'm continuing to work through Cathy (Kate) Johnson's book, "Watercolor Pencil Magic." This was done with Derwent Inktense Pencils on a 9 x 12 bristol sheet. The flowers were outlined with dry pencil and then a small, wet brush was used to blend the pigments. The vase was lightly colored and blended with a larger wet brush. I have a horrible time with shadows! Although the one on the right is from my scanner as the sheet was too large to fit flush on the flatbed. I'm thinking maybe I should hatch in shadows with a pencil, which I could erase if needed, before I add color. Duh!! Working with watercolor pencils reminds me of those coloring books I adored as a child, where the color was in the paper and it came to life as a wet brush was applied - gee, I wonder if they still make those.

Yesterday was my 33rd wedding anniversary - wow, time certainly does march right along. Our anniversary, except for the milestone ones ie. 25th, 30th, are usually pretty low key. We rather overdid Christmas this year, so a beautiful card, a lovely silver bookmark and a great dinner was the extent of our celebration. Since my dh is pursuing a second career and attending law school at present, we can't do much traveling unless he's on a semester break. I'm so thankful for the 33 wonderful years and look forward to many more!


Teri C said...

Happy Anniversary Brenda!! These days it is special to be happily married for that length of time.

A perfect vase of flowers for your anniversary. Soft and lovely.

Karen Winters said...

Congratulations and happy anniversary - we are coming up on 33 also, this year. Yes it is a long time!

Just Crazy About Dogs said...

Congratulations and happy anniversary Brenda! I too just celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary on January 23rd.
Time does fly by and next thing you'll know it's 50 years!

You did a wonderful job on the flowers and vase. Love the colors.

Emma Pod said...

Hi Brenda, lovely flowers! very nice pencil and brushwork! Congratulations on your anniversary. We celebrated our 27th in's a real accomplishment to have 33. I wish you many more!

Thanks for sending me to your Las Vegas pictures too! I'm certainly going to visit that hotel when we are there. Such pretty architecture, painting, and water!